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I Was in a Rut

A few months ago, I realized I needed to make some serious life changes. I was in a rut, feeling stale, and disconnected. It felt too overwhelming to tackle alone, so I contacted Lisa.Immediately I was impressed by her professionalism, eagerness and enthusiasm to help me. Lisa taught me how to balance my tendency for self-criticism with the ability to focus on my strengths, skills and talents. I have been discovering what I really want out of life. Lisa has helped me gain courage and confidence and the tools to keep myself motivated to achieve my goals.

Julie M.

I was at a loss

Before working with Lisa Anderson, I was at a loss as to how to proceed forward productively with my business and what my next steps were.First, she served as my sounding board, listening to my ideas and thoughts surrounding my overall vision and strategies. She then reviewed my business plan and lent her extensive business expertise and know-how to assist me in re-evaluating and rethinking some components of my plan. I walked away energized and equipped with a few great ideas on how to forge ahead. On top of all this, throughout the process, Lisa was very thorough in learning who I am as a person and responsive to my needs and concerns.

Tasha W.

Tools to focus

Lisa and I worked together on a national research project helping people identify, pursue and achieve a career they were passionate about and increase their income. These were challenging people to work with, most had multiple barriers to success. She was able to help them feel worthwhile and that they were a person of consequence. She gave them the tools to focus on their goals and provided a path of easy steps to get them there.

She provided career development services with perseverance, enthusiasm and warm support. The numbers are in: our clients showed an unbelievable average wage increase of 270%!

Gail T. (and Lucy)
Caseworker for Adult and Family Services

I was stuck

I was stuck. That’s the best way to describe it. My chosen industry (newspapers) was slowly dying and very few companies anywhere were hiring.I had stayed in my comfortable job for far too long. I was no longer passionate about what I was doing, and it showed. The quality of my work was adequate, but I was by no means a star. Had I been more inspired, I might have been able to do the work that would allow me to write my own ticket. But I wasn’t doing that. My work no longer felt like a calling. It was just a job.My job paid well, gave me good benefits and rarely required more than 40 hours a week. I realize, now, I was a little too comfortable. With no promotions or other job opportunities on the horizon, I had no incentive to work harder. I could continue showing up, collecting paychecks and feeling slightly unfulfilled indefinitely.

Still, there was something nagging me to get out. About once a year these feelings would overwhelm me and I’d launch a job search. Then summer would come, I’d lose my motivation after one too many rejection letters or I’d simply decide I was happy enough where I was.

After several unsuccessful rounds of this, I called Lisa. She came highly recommended from a colleague who had managed to execute her own escape from the newspaper industry. On a whim, my wife and I both signed up. To read the rest scroll to the end.

Being cynical newspaper people, we were both a little skeptical about the whole career coaching concept. We were not the type of people who frequented the self help section of bookstores, and the idea seemed a little bit too “Oprah-esque. But we told ourselves we’d buy into the program, wholeheartedly. After all, my current strategy was obviously not working.

While my wife had almost instant success with Lisa, it took me a little longer. I spent a lot of time asking myself what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life. After all, I hadn’t thought about those kinds of big issues since college, a decade earlier.

This was the first area where Lisa really helped me. I had taken “What Color Is Your Parachute”-type tests before and always felt frustrated by the results. I’d be left with a list of potential jobs, but I had no idea whether they were really right for me. Lisa helped me draft a description of my ideal job. It’s amazing how closely my new job resembles that description.

By encouraging me to do informational interviews, Lisa helped me build the web of contacts that would eventually lead me to my new career.

She gave me the confidence to approach anyone. Instead of blindly sending in cover letters and resumes, I was targeting the jobs and employers I wanted. For the first time I really understood the meaning of the word “networking.” People wanted to help me find a job, and the more people I added to my network, the greater my chances of finding something.

Lisa was invaluable in helping me keep up the momentum. In the past, I had always run out of steam, but with her there pushing me forward there was no giving up. And I was able to use her as a sounding board.

At one point, I found a job that was almost right for me. Left to my own devices, I might have been more confused about the opportunity, but with Lisa there, I knew instantly that it was not the perfect match.

When I finally did find the job that was right for me, Lisa shared in my celebration, and with good reason. In the three months we spent together, she became nearly as invested in the job search as me.

And that skepticism I had in the beginning? That didn’t last. I’ve become a convert to the idea of career counseling, and I don’t think I’ll ever undertake another job search without Lisa by my side.

Lewis T.

I have a great job

When I first started working with Lisa I had recently left a relationship that was emotionally and psychologically abusive to my children and me. I had a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, but had been out of nursing for several years because my husband had forbidden me to return to my profession. Lisa coached me in creating a better life for my children and myself by motivating me, building up my confidence and tracking down full funding for an approved RN re-entry program. I am thrilled to say that I got my nursing license on January 31, 2005 after an 11-year absence from the profession and I have a great job. My children now have the life and future they deserve, and I have my confidence and joy back for the first time in a very long time.

Lynne E.
Registered Nurse

Being paid what I’m worth

Three months ago, I was burned out at my job in social services and looking for a change, but had no idea how to make it happen. Then my friend, Emilee, recommended Lisa to me. After our first meeting, I cut down from working 50+ hours per week to the 40 hours a week I’m paid for. Doing so freed up energy to focus on my next step. With Lisa’s guidance, I created a mission statement and a 3-5 year vision. She taught me how to set smart goals and create an action plan to achieve them. Throughout this journey, she gave me concrete tools to work towards achieving my vision and purpose in life. It’s amazing to look back and see how much I’ve accomplished with Lisa in just three months. Once I put my wish out the universe, doors opened and opportunities hurtled towards me, as if I were a magnet. I’m getting interviews for jobs that pay almost twice what I earn now. I’ve joined a writing group, and have started my first novel. I can’t wait to write Lisa with an update soon to tell her I’ve landed a fantastic job that pays me what I’m worth, I’ve published my first book, and my partner and I have bought a house. Thanks, Lisa! July 07 Update: She got the fantastic job that pays her more than double what she was making. She is looking forward to spending the time she had been spending on job search on her writing. Sep 07 Update: My new job is great! . . . After six weeks, I’m starting to see where the challenges will be, but I’m looking forward to finding creative ways to address them. And being paid what I’m worth is fan-tastic 🙂

Whitney Z.
Volunteer Coordinator

I knew immediately

“I first decided to see a life coach at a transitional time in my life. I was unhappy with my career and facing the need to make some changes. But I didn’t want to make those changes haphazardly. I wanted to have a plan and talk through the changes with somebody who didn’t have a personal stake in the matter. I needed to approach my decisions in a more intentional way than I had in the past.Having found Lisa Anderson’s web site, I knew immediately that what she offered was just what I needed. I did not hesitate to call.Lisa helped to guide my thinking and make practical decisions based on a thorough understanding of my own goals and needs, rather than just gut reactions. Working with Lisa gave me a clear understanding of my personal goals and how I could take practical steps to accomplish them. This was a new way of thinking for me, and it has made me much more aware of the process I can use to make important decisions in support of goals and a vision, rather than just reacting to events. Lisa also helped me to understand who I am as a person and how to use that knowledge to support my personal values and goals.

I have made quick progress with Lisa on a number of my goals and have a much better understanding of the practical steps I can take to reach other goals I set for myself in the future. I won’t claim to have all the answers after just three months, but I have a renewed sense of confidence that I can find those answers by going through the steps Lisa has demonstrated.

I am very happy to have found Lisa when I did, and I know I will continue to benefit from my time with her. In particular, I would single out Lisa’s unique combination of intuitive insights and her ability to keep things on a practical, step-by-step basis. I continue to benefit from both.”

Larry W.
Musician and Music History Instructor

Something had to change

When I started working with Lisa some 8 months ago I knew there were things in my life I needed to change. I was very unhappy with where I was in terms of my career. Upon awaking up each morning my first thoughts were about how depressing the day was going to be. I felt like I was wasting my life while my talents were going to waste, unused. I knew I wanted bigger and better things for myself along with the ability to substantially provide for my family. I also wanted to have the satisfaction of doing things on a professional level which were personally rewarding, as well as financially rewarding.While I knew the destination I wanted to arrive at, I was lacking a roadmap. I knew I had the unending support of my wife and family to follow my dreams and ‘just make things happen’. But everywhere I turned I ran into brick walls and dead ends. Fueled by the external recessionary environment I felt like I was not going anywhere, not building, not moving. Something had to change.

Together with Lisa I worked on building that roadmap. We sharpened my thoughts on destination – ‘where I wanted to go’, and then went building the map – what tools will I need to get there, where will I get those tools, what will I do with those tools once I have them. By clarifying what I wanted in my life, and what my ultimate goals were, I was able to build a set of primary goals to focus and work on which were then broken up into manageable tasks to be completed on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Using these goals as an always-updating guide I have been able to get closer to achieving my goals.

Along with defining my goals I learned many personal skills. At this point I am using my newly formed skills on a daily basis. Whether it be at a networking event where I use my relationship building (“small talk”) skills to make contacts (and am no longer shy to do so), or using time management techniques to ensure that I get the most out of every possible hour. Also, together with Lisa I was able to focus my complete attention to the ‘need to haves’ in my life and ensure that it is those things that I am working towards.

It’s a long process, and I am still far from where I want to be. But now thanks to Lisa I have the confidence and skills that will enable me to get there. I now wake up with excitement and anticipation knowing that ‘today could be the day, big things can happen’. I feel more guided and focused, optimistic, and much more confident. I know I am on the way to achieving my life goals.

Aviel T.
Real Estate Investment

Greatest appreciation

I was drowning and floundering; very stuck and unable to motivate myself out of an unstimulating and unrewarding job, Sound familiar?Last winter, I completed Lisa’s Design Your Life Success Group. From that group, I have moved from being stuck. I completed and became certified in Neurolinguistic Programming; Hypnotherapy and Time Empowerment Therapy. Now,I am in the process of starting my private counseling practice.Lisa has provided valuable insight and business/technical know how throughout my career transition.

Lisa’s dedication to helping me discover and design my new career has been the single most significant factor in this endeavor. I will continue to have the greatest appreciation and respect for her gifts and talents.

Carole B.
Mental Health Therapist

She challenged me

While I am looking forward to retiring in less than a year, I was feeling overwhelmed by the world of opportunities available to me. Literally I was feeling like a kid on the doorstep of a vast candy store!A friend recommended Lisa Anderson. Lisa immediately put me at ease. Our phone sessions were fun and full of laughter! Playing off the name of her company, I always greeted her as “Exceptional Lisa,” and could count on her response of “Hello, Marvelous Marilyn.”She challenged me with questions that made me really think about what I want out of life. When I told her that I wanted to live the rest of my life with wild abandon, she encouraged me to describe that vision in more detail and to develop specific goals to work toward.

Lisa was also very supportive in helping me stay on track with my plans. As a result I am in the process of getting my house organized, writing poetry and learning stand-up comedy! Now I’m more eager than ever for retirement! Jan 07 Update: Retired and loving it!!!

Oct. 07 update: here are some of my accomplishments since retiring:

– walked a half marathon

– sang Brahms’ German Requiem

– lost 10 pounds

– marched as a flying pig in the Celebration Parade.

On tap for next year are:

– a trip to China

– take a class to learn Italian.

I’m doing great! Love retirement.

Now Program Director and Aspiring Writer

Marilyn N.
Court Administrator

Couldn’t have done it without your help

I needed a change, but after 12 years as a newspaper reporter, I felt trapped in a profession I no longer loved. I had plenty of skills, a master’s degree and a great resume, but I feared my experience and knowledge base applied only to my work as a journalist. I had toyed with looking for a new career before, but had given up partly because I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I was paralyzed by fear of rejection and I was certain that no one would hire me.A colleague suggested I call Lisa. I did, and it was the best career move I’ve ever made. Lisa helped me see that my skills were transferable, relevant and in demand. She helped me design the “perfect” job and focus on what I really wanted. Together we devised a strategy to show potential employers how my skills and talents could benefit them and their organizations. We also worked on goals outside my career, work that improved my relationships with my family, friends and community. Most importantly, she kept me on task. In a matter of months, our efforts led to my getting my dream job – a job I never would have considered applying for without Lisa’s encouragement.

Now I’m thriving and feeling more satisfied than I have been in years. Since then, my husband has made a career change with Lisa’s help and we recently closed on a much larger home that better accommodates our growing lives and family. Thanks so much, Lisa! We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Rebecca T.
Management Consultant

She saw something in me

When I first met Lisa, I was starting a new career and was having a hard time on my job search. With her suggestions and guidance I quickly started getting interviews and that’s when I knew I was in trouble. I didn’t know anything about interviewing and froze up . . . What helped me the most was when I interviewed her and she used my experiences for her answers. She is very open, honest and gets right to the point.One thing I treasure about Lisa is she never gave up on me. She saw something in me that I did not see in myself. Well thank you Lisa I now have a job.

Laura D.
Certified Medical Assistant

Life is going to be good

I came to Lisa Anderson in February of 2011, exhausted and directionless after completing my post bac requirements at U of O in Communication Disorders and Sciences. I had been on disability for nearly seven years and found myself without this financial support anymore, needing work, but also suffering from adrenal fatigue exhaustion and lower back issues. I had little direction as I was even too tired to look at what might be ahead.Through Lisa’s coaching, I was able to stay zeroed in on what truly made my heart sing and what my life mission truly was. I faced doubts and struggles in the process, but her expertise in neurolinguistic programming helped me greatly to face the emotional barriers that stood in my way.Lisa has an eclectic type of coaching that worked for me as I dealt with some anxiety and old beliefs that no longer served my life.

Lisa’s help got me to look at what I truly love to do and the steps I needed to get there.

Although not everything is just as I would like it to be yet, I have landed work in a long term care facility as a social service director, with benefits and a salary I have never even imagined! My job search felt purposeful after I spend time with Lisa and her Design your Life survey. I am beginning a job that I believe will move me toward my goal of returning to get my master’s degree so that I can become a speech therapist. This will be a great stepping stone for me. I have energy, purpose, and a job I believe that I will truly enjoy. Thank you Lisa for all of your help. Life is going to be good!

Kristina U.
Social Services Director

More dreams fulfilled

When I met Lisa, I was starting a job search and considering alternative career paths and possibilities for self-employment. I have always been a planner, but I usually focused on what seemed practical and realistic.Lisa encouraged me to dream big and reach beyond self-imposed limitations to envision my ideal work. In three months, she helped me to create a clear life mission statement and a planning system that has increased my focus and effectiveness.Lisa is very supportive, open to people of all backgrounds, generous, compassionate, motivating, and fun! I am very grateful for our time working together.

July 06 update call from the airport: I just accepted a great new job and negotiated a salary that is nearly double the income that I was making before. I start next month after I get back from my month-long yoga teacher training. Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement. Jan 07 update: I have to pass along this great news! I have accepted a new position with a substantially higher salary, and I will have the opportunity for another increase in 6 months. This is much closer to my dream job! We’re getting closer to our dream of buying a house! Yippee June 07 update: We just closed on our beautiful home!

August 08: I am very excited to report more dreams fulfilled. I am now teaching at an established yoga studio with a wonderful group of teachers, volunteering with an incredible yoga outreach organization, and starting an even better full-time position in my exact passions. I waited two years for the position to open, and I was offered the job immediately after my interview! My partner and I love our house and the community where we live – life truly has never been better.

Emilee C.
Community Organizer

In short, thank you

I was dissatisfied with my teaching job. I enjoyed some parts of my work, but I also felt I had many talents that weren’t being utilized. Lisa’s process allowed me to take stock of my talents, and discover new areas where I could apply my strengths. I realized that I wanted to stay in education, but desired a different role–one that allowed me to innovate, create, and motivate other teachers and education professionals to create quality results in their environments. I began to work on a business plan centered around helping educational organizations and professionals achieve their potential through workshops, consultation, and organizational products. I am hoping to work as a consultant to help schools improve their performance through individual behavioral change.With Lisa, I learned how to be flexible. Lisa believes in creating concrete goals but also working on envisioning new possibilities by focusing on values, not specific metrics. Many of the exercises we did allowed me to envision new possibilities. Maybe I didn’t need to work for an organization–maybe I could start my own. Maybe I didn’t need another degree–I just needed a few specific business classes to learn the basics. Lisa helped to challenge my doubts and also opened my eyes to areas where I wasn’t looking closely enough.The result for me was a new way of thinking about what I wanted to create in my life by opening my mind to all the resources that surround me: time, money, expertise, and the local community. Lisa is wonderful at getting you to see things a new way, and often challenges your fears and misconceptions about why you can’t achieve a certain outcome. I am excited to see where my new direction will lead, and I would still be sitting around waiting for the right opportunity to come along if I hadn’t worked with Lisa. It was a jumpstart that I really needed, and I recommend it to anyone who is feeling in need of a push in the right direction.

3/10 update: I received an e-mail this morning from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education saying that my business plan had been accepted into the semifinal round of their educational entrepreneurship contest! The top two prizes are $15000 and $25000 to give starter funding to educational initiatives. My idea is to create a one year teacher fellowship that recognizes outstanding educators by providing them with professional development and travel funding. The fellowships would be funded through revenues from a subscription-based website that allows these top teachers to share their curriculum ideas with a broader audience.

I could not have entered this contest without the solid foundation you gave me last year. From creating a mission to breaking it down into small, measurable action steps, this opportunity (no matter where it leads) would not have happened. In short, thank you!

Marisa S.
Teacher and Educational Consultant

Thanks for Doing What you do

I found myself thinking back to the few sessions I had with you and wanted you to know that they made a difference. As a counselor I always liked updates from old clients so I guessed you might too.

I can’t remember exactly when I saw you but was working as a supervisor for the counseling center and hating every second of my stress level! We talked a lot about me getting a PhD in counselor education, which I seriously consider now and again but always opt not to pursue. The thing that got me was an inventory we did that ranked all the titles I hold and I ranked daughter and aunt as my top two respectively. You asked me some question about those answers being in contrast to the distance I lived from my family (3000ish miles). That one got to me and ultimately made all the change happen.

Since then I have moved back to NY and bought a house a mere 20 miles from my family. My then girlfriend has since become my wife and graciously moved to NY with me. Upon moving here I applied for some counseling jobs and with each interview became sick to my stomach and ultimately decided not to put myself through that. I took a job as a self-employed contractor and flip apartments and houses for an old high school friend of mine. I am working on starting my own property management business and plan to pay for retirement through that adventure. Last week I had all but given up on counseling but yesterday out of the blue I was offered an adjunct teaching position at the local state college where I received my Master’s degree. I was asked to teach their Career Counseling classes…how’s that for irony! I haven’t decided if I’m going to take the position but the offer made me smile and remember a lot of what I liked about counseling.

I just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do and hope you’re still following your own great path.

Eileen M.

I couldn’t have done it without you

I was asked to present a 15-minute speech about myself at my local chapter of Women’s Business Network. I agreed to do it but as the day got closer I kept thinking of backing out, blaming it on being too busy, or that I couldn’t handle it right now, maybe later.When I met with Lisa she called it what it was– Fear of Public Speaking–and told me she knew a simple but effective technique that could eliminate the fear called Emotional Freedom Techniques. Instantly I noticed a release of my fear. It was easy to learn so I even practiced it at home. The next day we met again. With no fear blocking me we were actually able to plan out the mechanics of my speech.

When I stepped up to the podium I was relaxed, composed, not panicked. The delivery was smooth and I was even able to make impromptu adjustments while speaking. Afterwards, I asked another attendee for an honest assessment–she rated it as an 8 out of 10. . .I thought it was a 9. I also received many heartfelt compliments afterwards—people were touched but not overwhelmed. I couldn’t have done it without you, Lisa.

Sharon C.
Eugene Wellness Center

Her deep listening

Lisa has helped me take an idea that I have dreamed about for years—improve education back home in Ghana–and bring it into the realm of reality . . .Her deep listening and reflective conversation allowed me to articulate my goal… Lisa is a provocateur. She provokes and challenges you to dig deeper within you until you put your finger on it . . . The most wonderful thing about Lisa is that, when all is said and done, I feel I have done it myself. Now, that is real coaching! “July 06 update: I have Lisa to “blame” for helping me bring my dream into the realm of reality. I have launched an organization,Partnership for Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Education in Ghana (PAMBE-Ghana) , whose goal is to establish a new, alternative approach to promote mother tongue and bilingual literacy in the Ghana education system. The dream is to start with one preschool class. Then add a new class and new teachers every year up to Grade 6 level.Updates: April 07: received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. First pre-school class to start September 2008. July 07: Moving to Ghana in August ! Aug 07: She’s there! June 09: first pre-school class graduated. Nov 10: 90 students and growing. 2016 Update: Our school has grown in these 8 years to encompass 16 teachers, a head of school, 200+ students — all thriving in a campus of 7 classrooms, a kitchen, offices, a library and computer lab. The fist students who started in 2008 are now graduating into junior high school (which we hope to have ready by fall).

Alice I.

Landed the job of my dreams

I came to Lisa unsure about the next step for my career. I had completed quite a bit of education but I felt I was at a dead end on how I could utilize my schooling. Lisa helped me realize how valuable my education and skills were. She helped me identify which types of jobs I would be good at and best of all ones that I would enjoy. I soon began networking and several months later I landed the job of my dreams.Lisa was supportive but challenged me constantly to set high goals for myself. Lisa has been an amazing help on my career path.

Carolyn F.
Compliance Specialist

I know now that I can make it happen

When I started coaching with Lisa, I was absolutely fed up with my job. I hated going to work each day. I felt out of control, and like my life was slipping out from under me. I knew what kind of life I wanted to have, but I had no idea how to get there. I felt trapped and overwhelmed.Lisa helped me create a mission and vision for the life I want to live. She helped me create a strategic plan with goals broken down into small manageable steps and helped me stay on task. Lisa gave me the tools I needed to clarify what I wanted out of life. By helping me organize my goals into concrete action steps, Lisa showed me that my dreams can become reality, one small step at a time.During my coaching time with Lisa, I experienced many positive changes. I gained the confidence to address the issues I was having at work. I moved into new, less stressful position within my company that allows me to utilize my creative talents. I am also focused and productive in my free time, and working toward my goals. I do not believe I would have been able to make these changes this quickly, if it weren’t for Lisa’s coaching. I am excited about what my future will bring, and I know now that I can make it happen.

Rosie D.
Artist & Technical Content Manager

Expertise and Compassionate Heart

When I met Lisa I was feeling lost and confused about my next steps in my life. I knew I was dealing with co-dependency issues and needed help. But as a NLP counselor myself, I am very picky about who I work with. Lisa was amazing. She helped me identify and heal those areas where I was losing my personal power and work with my body as a barometer of those inner messages. In 4 weeks I moved through things that I’d been working on for over a year. Her insights, her compassion, her great listening skills and profound questions, lead me to inner alignment within myself where my answers came easily. I am so grateful for Lisa’s expertise and compassionate heart.

Ali D.
Author, Coach, Counselor


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